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  1. The Winding House to me, was always the most fascinating part of the Transporter Bridge.

    As a young boy, my highlight of my trip into the town, was to stare through the winding house windows, and marvel at the huge DC Motors, powering the winding drum and gazing at the old Frankenstein type Knife Switchboard, imagining the huge arc if them switches were pulled whilst the motors were working!

    If I remember rightly, the original motors worked upon a whopping 500 volts DC. & they fascinated me, as they went in one direction to pull the Gondola across the river, then in an opposite direction to bring it back.

    I were always amazed too, that although a sizeable slot in the roof, no rainwater appeared to get inside the Winding house.

    I’m 64 now, and have moved from the area, but if I ever return to Middlesbrough, I would love a real look inside the building, at the things that even today still highly fascinate me, and have given me lifelong happy memories.

    All fascinating stuff.

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