Buildings Under Threat (Easter Holiday update)

The Beauty of Transport is on its Easter holidays this week.

However, there’s time to alert you to a couple of developments regarding buildings featured in earlier articles, which now find themselves under threat.

Elmdon Air Terminal (aka The Elmdon Building) in 2014. Photo by Ozzy Delaney [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Firstly, Elmdon Terminal at Birmingham Airport, that amazing winged wonder from the late 1930s (see The Beauty of Transport‘s write up of it here). The building has been vacated after a boiler froze and then burst during the winter weather. It needed some serious maintenance even before that. A petition has been set up calling on Birmingham Airport to release the building to an organisation capable of preserving and restoring it. You can sign the petition via this link (I have): Save the original Elmdon Terminal Building at Birmingham Airport

Meanwhile, over at our old friend Vauxhall Bus Station, opponents of plans to demolish it have written to communities and local government secretary Sajid Javid, asking him to call in the two linked planning applications (one to demolish the bus station and replace it with something smaller, and one to build two large skyscrapers on the southern end of the existing bus station site). The Architects’ Journal carried the story in January (see here), and campaign group We Love Vauxhall Bus Station is still waiting to hear back.

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