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I’m Daniel Wright. Hello.

When I’m not writing or talking about the way that transport has made the world a more beautiful place or influenced our cultural lives in a myriad of different ways, I work for Community Rail Network (as you can read about on the About the Author page).

If you like The Beauty of Transport, you might like me to write for you too. If so, please drop me an email to the address on the following image (it’s not actual text in an attempt to avoid spam):

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Or you could send me a comment via this blog.

Please bear in mind The Beauty of Transport isn’t my actual job; I’ll reply as soon I can if I can.

If you have access to you can see a bit more about me, and contact me here: My linkedin profile

I have a Twitter account for my ramblings about transport (mostly) and the work I’m doing, which you can see or follow at @danielhwright and there’s one for The Beauty of Transport at @BeautyOfTranspt. You can tweet to me too.

I also give talks on The Beauty of Transport. If your organisation would like me to talk to you, then please get in touch.

14 thoughts on “Contact the Author

      1. Hi Dan.
        You may already know about this one, but my better half found this website which I hope, like me, you’ll find interesting. As far as I’m concerned, it’s definately public transport!

    1. Thanks Paul – the Falkirk Wheel is already on the long list (how could it not be?) but some of those others are fantastic. Yes, lifts are public transport – the magazine I’m working for (New Transit) calls them “Smart Links” along with long-distance escalators or moving walkways, urban cable cars, and automated metros. And the one that’s an aquarium is too good to resist. It’s on the list now…

  1. Could you tell me what stone was used to build the second Conwy Bridge? I have a fireplace built of the same stone in 1958 and would be interested to know where it came from as it doesnt seem to be local stone?

    1. Unfortunately I have absolutely no idea! This does rather puncture my self-image as an all-knowing transport sage but is probably a good thing in that it helps avoid me getting a massive ego. If you follow the link at the end of the post to Cadw’s website, you can get a brief citation for the bridge. That citation has some pretty heavyweight references, and possibly one of those might have the information you want. It could be a job for your local library’s inter-library loans service though…

      1. Thanks for getting back to me. There is virtually no info on the second bridge, it isn’t listed under welsh bridges, as if it doesn’t exist. A good idea to try the Conwy library. It’s a sort of pinkish stone, i am taking the fireplace out, so thought the stone may be of interest to someone. If I find out I will let you know, can’t have that ego suffering!! Kind regards Sian Sent from my iPhone

        Sian Rault •~•


  2. Hello, as a London bus driver/to-be architecture student, I adore your blog, you seem to agree on what myself and my closest friend say about most transport related structures!
    I was wondering of you had seen the new West Croydon Bus Station. Not as interesting as my local (Vauxhall) but quite warm and inviting and with some imagination put into it. Warm red handmade brick, corten steel, planting, heavy wood, filament bulbs etc.
    Another design I am fond of, is the spaceship like Halle Bus Station in Germany, and the Lahti Travel Centre (warm, copper clad and perforated) in Finland (?)

    1. I haven’t seen the new West Croydon bus station yet, but I think a field trip is in order! Both Halle and Lahti bus stations/shelters/travel centres are splendid, but I’m having trouble getting photos I can re-use. They’re both on the forward planning list for when I do.

  3. Daniel a fantastic piece of writing, for its depth, length and photo’s
    I visited the station yesterday in glorious sunshine to make a drawing. I live not far away and often go to Slough to make drawings and discover this exciting town. Anyway I’m so pleased to get your article and when I actually put my drawing off the bus station that I may if you don’t mind cross reference to your article and include a link and a glowing comment or two. Warmest wishes and hope you’re well and safe Tim Baynes

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