I’m not normally in the business of doing other people’s advertising for them, but on this occasion I couldn’t resist.

A Daily Telegraph-reading friend of the beauty of transport dropped me a line to ask if I knew that the FORMAT International Photography Festival in Derby was promoting its “Notes Home” show (dedicated to photo postcards sent home from English holiday resorts) with the following image:

One of the images from the FORMAT International Photography Festival's Notes Home exhibition.
One of the images from the FORMAT International Photography Festival’s Notes Home exhibition.

I didn’t, but I do now. Well done to the Archive of Modern Conflict, which has curated the show (at the Derby Museum and Art Gallery 8 March to 7 April), for brightening my day with this one.

It’s the future of urban public transport (at least, the 1970s version of the future)…as imagined for children! Look, there’s a monorail! Look, there’s a cable car!

And the super-saturated colours…and the groovy fashions…

I love it.

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